Crime Rates in Brazil– Grim Stats

The newspaper Globo reported some stark statistics today about how crime affects city-dwellers. According to the report undertaken by the National Confederation of Industry, “A Portrait of Brazilian Society: Public Security,” within the last twelve months more than 51% of Brazilians give public safety a failing grade; 79% say they have witnessed or experienced some type of crime within the last 12 months; 63% say they avoid carrying money while circulating around their respective cities; 57% report that they have increased the caution they take when leaving their houses; and 54% avoid going out at night.


One alarming finding is that 8% of those interviewed report that they have witnessed a homicide within the last twelve months. Homocide rates in Brazil are among the highest in the world, yet support for capital punishment still only has the approval of only 31% of the population.

Approval of Institutions

The report also measured approval rates for institutions. The army and federal police are considered the most efficient institutions, with 63% and 60% approval; while the National Congress received an approval rating of 23%.


The report looked at 2002 citizens over 16 years old in 140 municipalities from July 2010 to July 2011. The study’s margin of error is 2%.

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  • science of homicides in each country also average age of males and females first homicide,. also reasons for the homicides., eg gun or family crime .,or gang realeted., homicide prevention

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